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 UNNGO PeaceeverTV According to the two daughters ( Carla, Mariah and Michaela )of Governor Cuomo, New York who sent email to our co-chairs Gloria Starr Kins - Editor in Chief UN Correspondent Society & Diplomatic Review Compile the report.

   The Governor of New York and his three daughters
 The above pictures are from the website of New York Governor Cuomo
We could not be more proud of our Dad.
When we heard that COVID-19 had come to New York, the first person we called was our Dad. He told us that we were going to be ok, but that this was a serious disease, and we should come to Albany to quarantine together. He has reassured us every day since – that he would do everything he could to protect our family and our state – the family of New York.
We watched his daily press conferences and were relieved to see that what we had always known about him was now being shared with others. He spoke in a way that was comforting, fact-based, and hopeful. His words and actions reflected his deep well of compassion and ever-present sense of humor.
Dad’s new book,American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic, will be published this week. The book tells the story of how his team and all New Yorkers met the moment when the pandemic hit our state.
We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did. You can order your copyhere.
Dad is the first to say the fight against this virus is not over. But the lessons learned over phase one provide the roadmap we as a country -- and we as individuals -- can follow now and in the future. Reading this book will provide a better understanding of how we can fight this pandemic, meet unprecedented challenges and reinvigorate our faith in the goodness of people.
Cara, Mariah, and Michaela