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Announcement from World Peaceever TV:

With continuous advances in technology, the internet, and mobility, there has been an increase in interactions and exchanges between all citizens in the world. Network television has been gradually replacing traditional TV, especially after the mobile Internet explosion and 3G, 4G networks have stabilized. The 5G times are not far off. In its goal to safeguard world peace, World Peace TV ( makes it our mission to bring politics, the economy, finance, culture, and entertainment from all walks of life to whatever screen you choose. Video-based presentations are the heart of World Peace TV.


World peaceever TV propagate and report the irreplaceable role and achievements of the United Nations in safeguarding world peace and international affairs to countries around the world

World peaceever TV promotes world peace for the purpose of love. Our efforts include our participation in and cooperation with the UN Millennium Project, assistance to humanitarian causes, help to women and children, and outreach to numerous groups of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, all for the purpose of bringing about tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

The World Peaceever TV Chinese website is Similarly, World Peace TV integrates a variety of video resources dedicated to the different cultures of the world, their exchanges, and their cooperation. We use captivating visual arts, publicity, and reporting, in order to showcase the best and brightest in culture, music, art, politics, economics, medicine, and science and technology.  

The top priorities of World Peaceever TV ( are to produce a series of television documentaries that will steadily increase the size of our fan-base through skillful editing and presentation techniques, and which will teach viewers how to succeed in their lives and make outstanding contributions to the cause of world peace. World Peaceever TV will fruitful collaborations with print media and magazines as well as significant TV media coverage. We invite all who identify with a goal for world peace to watch our videos, join our discussions, and connect with us should you wish to be featured. Together, we can develop plans to achieve world peace as well as secure the bright future of "New Media Television." 

For all inquires, please contact Mr. Wen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call 212-542-0618 (office).