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Editor's note: Peaceever TV International Media Group Inc., is an international organization with special consultative status approved by the UN Economic and Social Council in 2019. It is the first UNNGO new media agency accredited by the UN Economic and Social Council in the new media era.

Peaceever TV International Media Group Inc. has been active at UN Headquarters since 2010 when Ban Ki-moon was the UN Secretary-General. UN Headquarters in NYC often invite our journalists to film and report high-level UN meetings and events. At the United Nations Headquarters as well as in the NYC area, we also participated in and reported events hosted by the European Union, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Egypt, Kuwait, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc.

We shared our videos and news reports on Major social media at home and abroad, such as WeChat, YouTube, Facebook, and Youku, and received extensive attention. Recently, some netizens often ask our help to verify some organization names with the UN heads, related emails, and even certain goodwill ambassadors and youth ambassadors issued by UN officials such as the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

To this end, we have specially produced a video message of "UN Information and Knowledge Promotion”. Thus, people who are interested in information related to the UN could have a general understanding of the United Nations. In the future, we will release such information and knowledge from time to time to allow everyone to better understand and cooperate with the UN and its related organizations.

  Peaceever TV International Media Group host Margaret Shi Yiyi