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UN New Media PeaceeverTV Ms. Jiawei Xia: As the only truly universal global organization in the world, the United Nations provides a global forum for countries to discuss the most challenging issues of war and peace. The United Nations has made tremendous efforts and contributions in maintaining international peace and security, safeguarding human rights and freedom of the press, providing humanitarian assistance, promoting sustainable development, and defending international law.

 Since 2010, the Peaceever TV International Media Group has participated in and reported on UN charity activities. For 10 years, the Peaceever TV International Media Group has focused on various public welfare undertakings and actions; the primary goal is to maintain world peace in the United Nations. The Peaceever TV International Media Group is reporting major United Nations conference news, relevant policy, and human rights issues, timely, comprehensive. To show public society, especially China and Chinese people around the world, to show the great efforts made by the United Nations in maintaining world peace and security, promoting and implementing the 17 sustainable development goals of 2030, and protecting human rights and freedom of the press contribution.

  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a speech at the beginning of New Year 2020, "We enter 2020 with uncertainty and insecurity all around. Persistent inequality and rising hatred. A warring world and a warming planet. Climate change is not only a long-term problem but a clear and present danger." "Young generation is on the frontlines and in the headlines. I am inspired by your passion and determination. You are rightly demanding a role in shaping the future. The United Nations stands with you – and belongs to you."
  The Peaceever TV International Media Group Inc. is the first UN new media agency with the special consultative status organization to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in the new media era. In order to support the United Nations to maintain the United Nations Charter, to maintain world peace and security, and to carry out various public welfare affairs, the Peaceever TV international media group Inc. attracted people of insight from North America and New Zealand and formed a non-profit organization, ""World Peaceever Foundation"" in early November.

 The establishment of the "World Peaceever Foundation" the main purpose is to combine with the United Nations new media Peaceever TV platform. The World Peaceever Foundation is looking forward to connects charities, caring entrepreneurs from all over the world to sponsor and support the United Nations and civil society organizations (NGOs), such as Climate Action, Refugee Affairs, Humanitarian Relief, Sustainable Development Goals, Health for elderly, and more. Let the peace-loving people of the world unite under the umbrella of the United Nations so that the world has permanent peace and security. The slogan of  "World Peaceever Foundation" is: We are not just for Peace, Peace must Keeping for ever!
 "World Peaceever Foundation"  Concerning about the United Nations, paying attention to world peace, and paying attention to the UN's 17 goals for sustainable development. 
 Sustainable development Sustainable happiness!
 Strong UN Better World !