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UN New Media PeaceevrTV Editor`s Note: New York – Seven videos from seven unique social influencers were launched at the United Nations Headquarters on Thursday as part of the Eyes on the Goals: An SDG Digital Series Premiere. With each video targeting one of the UN’s 17-Sustainable Development Goals, the aim is to engage audiences and to highlight the role of digital media for social good. 

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Featured films include shorts from actor Rainn Wilson; Olympic gold medalists Hope Solo and Michael Johnson; Josh Horton: 19-time Guinness World Record Holder; actor, dancer and choreographer Sean Lew; wildlife photographer and TV host Robert Irwin; and the Platinum-Certified alternative rock band AJR.
   Achim Steiner Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme 
   UNDP: Eyes on the Goals: An SDG Digital Series Premiere Seminar
For each video that hits 10,000 complete views, financing is committed to organizations working on the Global Goals. Within hours of their launch, some videos had already accumulated a quarter of a million views each, guaranteeing at least $10,000 to support action on the Goals.
    Tijani Muhammad-Bande President of the 74th UN General Assembly
“The project doesn’t end here. The videos will now continue to gather views and donations as they are shared across the world. They have already reached a million total views in less than one day! Let’s keep entertaining, educating and raising money to achieve the Global Goals,” said Adam Met, founder of Sustainable Partners Inc., and member of the band AJR.
 Along with the videos, the event included discussions on the roles of music, sports, and social media in sustainable development. Finally, 19-time Guinness World Record holder Josh Horton performed a live performance with SDG branded soccer balls.
The launch, organized by UNDP and Sustainable Partners Inc., marks the first major event in the UN’s Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
“The Sustainable Development Goals are a bold plan to end poverty, fight climate change and make sure all people everywhere benefit from peace, justice and prosperity. This will only happen if everyone gets on board. This campaign gives people a way to get involved and get active,” said UNDP’s Mila Rosenthal.