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UNNGO PeaceeverTV edited and reported according to the email from UFA Team: Union Farms of Africa (UFA) is a hi-tech Agro-Entrepreneurial cooperative specialized in agro-consultancy, transformation, marketing, and international linkages. Founded in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon in 2007 by Prince Justin AJINGA TANYI, Registered as African Leadership Community link Advancement Programme (ALCOMLAP) C.I.G and Transformedin 2015 into Union Farms of Africa (UFA) cooperative with three co-founders namely: Julius AWAN FOKIM, Nelson NEBA SUH, and Oscarline NKEMNTA.

Union Farms of Africa (UFA) now has more than 100 professionals farmers trained in the latest techniques of agro-entrepreneurship skills and a membership of 50 active shareholders. Union Farms of Africa (UFA)  advise and support global agro companies that are leaders in their industries. UFA has been at the forefront of providing superior quality agro-services and international linkages in the industrial sector; developing sustainable agricultural solutions for communities in Cameroon, Africa, and the world. For a detailed introduction to sustainable agriculture solutions, Please click here.

Mission Statement: UFA's mission is to provide our customers with the best possible agro-services and products obtainable in a way that the principles of integrity and gravity are not sacrificed in favor of profitability. Union Farms of Africa (UFA) also provide a platform that enhances the skills of our workforce for better performance to become better men and women with improved social and economic well-being.

Vision: Sustaining advances in agricultural technology to the benefit of institutions and communities