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 PeaceeverTV Editor's Note: June 14th is the birthday celebration of United Nations veteran journalist Evelyn Leopold. She hosted a party at the Alibaba Terrace restaurant, invited colleagues from the United Nations, family, friends and VIPs to join the festivities. Among the guests were UN Ambassadors from Japan, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. Speakers said Evelyn Leopold had made great achievements and contributions to the journalism industry. She also is chair of the Dag Hammarskjold Fund for Journalists and was toasted by the president of the Nations Correspondents Association, among others. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday”several times! 

  Several reporters highly praised to Evelyn Leopold for her professionalism and excellent contribution, The birthday dinner was fully of warmth and happiness.
United Nations reporters send flowers to Evelyn Leopold Veteran UN correspondent  wishes her a happy birthday
Valeria Robecco, ANSA, president UN Correspondents Association

  Evelyn Leopold with Sherwin Bryce-Peace, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation
 Brother, Les Leopold and Evelyn Leopold 

Evelyn Leopold, an independent journalist and contributor to the Alternet and the Independent Media Institute, is based at the United Nations as a resident correspondent since 1990. She was UN bureau chief for Reuters for 17 years. She is chair of the Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists, was awarded a gold medal in 2000 by the UN Correspondents Association, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Newswomen Club of New York and the Overseas Press Club. She spent most of her journalistic career as an editor and reporter for Reuters. During her years at Reuters she was a news editor for North America, the editor for Reuters Africa region, based in Nairobi, and Associate Editor worldwide. She also was a reporter in London and in Bonn, Germany, as well as in New York and in Washington. She is co-author of a book on the former East Germa

  Japan UN Ambassador Kouro Bessho (righ)and guest  
 Irina Andreeva, UN correspondent, RIA Novosti and Evelyn Leopold
 Maher Nasser, Director Outreach Division, UN Department of Global Communications, signs birthday card.
  Sherwin Bryce-Peace, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation, and Maher Nasser, Director Outreach Division, UN Department of Global Communications
  Takero Mori  Counselor of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, and Gloria Starss Kin , Editor-in-Chief of the United Nations 《Social and Diplomacy Review》
  German Ambassador Christoph Heusgen; Edith Lederer, AP; Japan Ambassador Kouro Bessho
  Evelyn Leopold taps shoulder of Tal Mekel, Chief, UN Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit.
  Irina Andreeva, Rai Novosti UN correspondent, and Fedor Strhizhovskiy, press attaché, Russian Federation mission
  Lou Charbonneau, Human Rights Watch, and Evelyn Leopold
  Les Leopold, Linda Fasulo, NPR, at mic and Seana Magee, Kyodo News
  left to right: Maggie Besheer, Voice of America; Evelyn Leopold, Lou Charbonneau, Human Rights Watch; Seana Magee, Kyodo News at mic, Linda Fasulo, NPR
  Evelyn Leopold, Lilah Leopold, niece; Lou Charbonneau at mic, Les Leopold, brother
  UN Journalists, diplomats, sing Happy Birthday. Ian Williams in center
  Evelyn Leopold’s niece, Lilah Leopold, and brother Les Leopold
  Edith Lederer, AP, leads singing
   Seana Magee, Kyodo News; Evelyn Leopold, Valeria Robecco, ANSA, UN Correspondents Association president, at mic
   Evelyn Leopold is blowing birthday candles
  Kyodo News New York Bureau Reporter Genji Yamaguchi 
   Farnaz Fassihi, Wall St Journal, and Khawla Nazzal, Emirates News Agency correspondent