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PeaceeverTV Reported From UNHQ:Sustainable Development Goal 10 (SDG10) has brought unprecedented attention to inequality. SDG 10 targets cast a wide net to capture the multiple drivers of inequality across social, economic, and political dimensions aiming to expand prosperity, inclusion, and social protection.
This event aims to take stock of progress toward SDG 10; to share success stories, good practices, and challenges; to identify particular areas of concern; and to suggest ways forward in terms of policies, partnerships and coordinated actions at all levels that are helping countries to develop concrete strategies for leaving no one behind.
   UNDP Reducing Inequalities: to expand prosperity, inclusion, and social protection.
    Mahmoud Mohieldinis the World Bank Group Senior Vice President for the 2030 Development Agenda, United Nations Relations, and Partnerships.

   William Maloneyis Chief Economist for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions in the World Bank Group. Previously he was Chief Economist for Trade and Competitiveness and Global Lead on Innovation and Productivity.
Hala Helmy Elsaid Younes
Dr. El-Said is Egypt’s Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform. She currently leads the process of institutional and administrative reform along with the formulation of Egypt’s vision 2030. She was the first elected Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University and subsequently the Deputy President for Scientific Research and Exterior Relations in 2013 at the same institution. Dr. El-Said also served as Executive Director of the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) and on the board of the Central Bank of Egypt. She has a PhD in Economics with honors from Cairo University.
Jacoueline Ebanks is the Executive Director of the New York City Commission on Gender Equity. An innovative manager and policy maker with extensive experience in philanthropy and the non-profit sector, Jacqueline has worked for over 30 years to promote economic and social justice for women, girls, and marginalized communities.
Ulrika Modeer
Ulrika Modéer of Sweden as Director of the Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy, United Nations Development Programme(UNDP).
  Sarah Cliffe Sarah F. Cliffe is currently the director of New York University’s Center on International Cooperation. Prior to that, she was the Special Representative for the World Bank’s World Development Report on Conflict, Security and Development, and the Special Adviser and Assistant Secretary-General of Civilian Capacities to the United Nations.
    Elliott HarrisElliott Harris is Assistant Secretary-General for the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).
   Participant question
   Participant question
UNDP Reducing Inequalities: to expand prosperity, inclusion, and social protection.