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PeaceeverTV Reported from UNHQ: How can we make sure that cities become more inclusive, with a smaller environmental footprint, and leave no-one behind? These questions will be tackled at the UN Civil Society Conference, which is due to take place in the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City, at the end of August.

Representatives of civil society will have the opportunity to meet with senior UN officials, and discuss a wide range of solutions to the challenges of urban life. The theme of this year’s conference, “building sustainale and inclusive cities and communities”, reflects the fact that over half of the world’s population, some 55 per cent, now live in urban areas, with that figure expected to rise to 68 per cent by 2050.

   The 68th UN Civil Society Conference Townhall At UNHQ
   The 68th UN Civil Society Conference Townhall Speaker photo Group
   Congratulations on the video of the President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés 73rd UNGA

   Jeffrey “Jeff” Brez Chief of the new and enhanced NGO Relations and Advocacy Section of the United Nations Department of Public Information.
     Bruce Knotts is the Director of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office.
    Margo LazaroNGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY
    Staff introduction
    Fannie Munlin
   Brian k. Muzas
    Katelyn Grano
   Participants asked questions
   Participants asked questions
    Participants asked questions
    Participants asked questions
   Participants asked questions