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UN NGO PeaceeverTV report from Intercontinental Barclay New York: On July 30, Moroccans was celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the accession of King Mohammed VI to the throne and the two decades of extraordinary progress under his reign. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco invites Morocco friends in the United States to join in the commemoration of this important era, which has been marked by the continuation and growth of the strong partnership between Morocco and US two nations. 
Morocco was the first nation in the world to recognize the newly created United States in 1787, and Morocco alliance represents the longest unbroken relationship in U.S. history. Morocco economic and security partnership remains stronger than ever, and Morocco hope this significant milestone can be used to reflect the remarkable accomplishments achieved by the Kingdom of Morocco over the last twenty years.
Amina J.Mohammed UN Deputy Secretary-General,Tijani Muhammad-BandePresident-elect of the 74th UN General Assembly,and more than 500 VIPs including dozens of national ambassadors to the United Nations,attended the grand reception of the day.
     Amina J.Mohammed UN Deputy Secretary-General、H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador
   Tijani Muhammad-BandePresident-elect of the 74th UN General Assembly、H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador
   Peaceever TV interview with H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador
Ecuador H.E. Mr. Luis Benigno Alfredo Gallegos Chiriboga、 H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador

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     VIP Guest photo with H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador    VIP Guests photo with   Amina J.Mohammed UN Deputy Secretary-General      Photo with H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador    Ahmed Fathi Managing Editor of American TV News 、 H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador    Rashad Alkhader Producer of Sphinx News Network、 H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador    Guest photo wtih H.E. Mr.Abdeslam Jaidi Ambassador    Three beautiful ladies taking a group photo    VIPs on line    Beautiful VIP from Canada     Moroccan unique tea house    Candied dates to entertain guests   Fruit dessert    All kinds of famous brand teas have everything    Pastries of different tastes   Rich and delicious food

 U.S.-Morocco Counter-Terrorism Partnership
Morocco has proven that it is a perennial and valuable security and counterterrorism partner, hosting the United States’ annual bilateral-military African Lion Exercise, participating in the State Department-led Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership which directs resources and personnel to combat radical insurgents such as Al- Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and collaborating as a Major Non-NATO ally in the region and beyond.
Progressive Reforms and Stability
King Mohammed VI has embraced and encouraged progressive reforms to make Morocco's government more democratic, transparent, and accountable, such as enacting a new constitution (2011), which among other measures, reserves Parliament seats for women and reaffirms Morocco’s commitment to religious freedom, freedom of expression, equal opportunity for all, respect for the rule of law, and ethnic pluralism.
Morocco's economic growth has averaged 3-4% annually, and the Kingdom's GDP has nearly tripled to more than USD 110 billion since the King's enthronement in 1999. The Kingdom enjoys political stability, robust infrastructure, and a strategic location, which have contributed to its emergence as a regional manufacturing and export base for international companies.