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      Student from Zhejiang  WPTV Freelance Reporter Yue Yu(久安电视特约记者 俞悦)

WPTV Freelance Reporter Yue Yu at UN Headquarters  An event titled “Interfaith Harmony: Implementing the Transformative Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals was held in Conference Room 1 at the United Nations Headquraters in New York. United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and Committee of Religious NGOS at the United Nations host this event in honor of the 2016 World Interfaith Harmony Week, the aim of which is to foster coexistence, brotherhood and understanding as well as to promote dialogues between countries, religions and faiths.

With an opening of a clarinet preformance brought by Mr. Kinan Azmeh, 17 religious and faith representatives presented the audience with the 17 Sustainable Develoment Goals (SDGs). This is then followed by the speech delivered by the High Representative of the Alliance of Civilizations, H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, who stressed that the interfaith harmony should be put among the world’s top agenda in accordance with the rising tensions recently.

The first panel discussion, featuring on Interfaith Harmony as a Key to Implementing the SDGs, made it clear that a peaceful inclusion is what should be achieved as we embark on the SDGs. Furthermore, the whole panel agreed that the harmony will not find its way to become a reality unless more inter-government and civiliazation organizations are connected and start to collaborate with each other. This led us to the topic of the second panel discussion on the Future of Cooperation Between Religious Communities and the United Nations. It is agreed that efforts that are made in the implementation of the SDGs could be mulitiplied through a harmounious interfaith network.

The past 2015 has witnessed a number of severe religious conflicts, which still remian an open wound for many. Therefore this event was held in the nick of time when interfaith harmony is much needed. I would like to end the report with a quote from the Fuji Declaration, an initiative that calls for consicous efforts in bringing people and nature together to achieve a sustainable world, “May peace prevail on earth”.


           Interfaith Harmony Week Moderator Tajeldin

            For religious harmony and sing