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 Editor's Note: The United Nations Journalists Association held the 71st annual celebration at the entrance hall of the United Nations Headquarters on June 20th. UN Secretary-General Guterres attended and delivered a speech. Nearly 300 peoples from all over the world attended the event. China, Japan, Italy, Canada and other countries have provided delicious food for the guests to enjoy.

  The Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres emphasized in his speechthe protection of journalists fittings of the violations of freedom is a very important job a very important task for the United Nations and it's different areas including my own and my own capacity even in the recommendation that I received today is once more the line needs to be stressed.

  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Remarks 


   UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Remarks 
  The President of the United Nations Correspondents Association and the Secretary-General of the United Nations are surrounded by guests
  Secretary-General of the United Nations and President of the National Huizhou Chamber of Commerce, Shen Yige
  National guests participating in the United Nations Correspondents Association anniversary
Dear friends I thought first of all to congratulate you on your 71st anniversary and if swimming all ways a pleasure to see at least an institution that is still older than me by a small difference just one it makes me feel into the camera and I also want to strongly cognitive。
later millennia ago back before the election and wish the best ourselves to the amendment and the new team I must say that I found very good to see that you still have the hook now now everybody uses the internet everybody uses the website and I must confess I still love books and even when they have booklets and I hope that even in the future people will still keep the pleasure to be the good book or the
pleasure to consult.
When we have to find some important indication so congratulations for the fact that you are keeping this very valuable instrument for your important work now we are living in a difficult period in relation to the exercise your profession we have seen in many parts of the world the nationís of relative gender gaining laws against the human rights of gender which in itself is a paradox because one of the elements of natural serenity should be exactly to value human rights of the people of the respective states as an element of serenity but the truth is that we have been seeing the civil society space being restricted in many parts of the world and then these restrictions of the civil society one of the most worrying trends is related to the freedom of press and is related to the persecution of journalists in my past profession when I was a Commissioner for Refugees I always used to say that the two most dangerous professions in the world were
to be either a vegetarian or journalists.
  I've seen in many of the countries where America was operating police that have passed away in the line of duty and journalists that also refused when they were reporting the tragic situations that we are dealing with but it's more than that or more dramatic than that is when we see journalists that are arrest tortured until because they want to exercise their profession which is a service to the public in general which is a circus in the world and then when that persecution comes not only from different armed or terrorist groups but also for the states themselves and I think that's the battle for the freedom of press and the freedom of expression is a fundamental battle for us all and the protection of journalists fittings of the violations of freedom is a very important job a very important task for the United Nations and it's different areas including my own and my own capacity even in the recommendation that I received today is once more the line needs to be stressed.
On the other hand I would like to say that it is important when we witness the way make speech raises relief rates in the social media when we see many of the aspects that are contaminating our civic space in the world to clearly distinguish the needs to fight those manifestations that are undermining the social cohesion of our societies to clearly distinguish it with the need to preserve 8 the freedom of press as an absolutely essential instrument for the development and democratic societies and for the when your work independently of the Nature Network sometimes reporting on things that happen sometimes expressing your opinions even your criticism your work is absolutely fundamental
For the UM to be perceived by the public in relation to what the world represents in today's world with its good aspects and with its problems and difficulties and n becomes it is yoga that allows the people to know exactly what's happening here and it's your work that is the best guarantee that multilateral means will provide and that will be able to go on serving the peoples be careful so I have to express to all of you my very very deep gratitude and to wish that your 72nd year at work will be as successful as the past works and at your service - delighted Nations and to the cause of freedom will be as effective in the field as if there's always been in the past.
So thank you very much !