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 Recently Chinese newspaper Global Times and military newspapers took an actor’s belief as a heavy weapon, and they triggered an attack and created an internet war with the most advanced weapons in China.  

  This internet war was caused by Christian identity, and this Christian happens to be a famous actor, Sun Haiying. The article in the Global Times and military newspapers is not worth mentioning. Now let us analyze the purpose of this article, apparently their motivation is spiteful, which is not worth our time or effort to argue over.

 After Xi Jinping took over as head of China's Communist Party two years ago, he won the hearts of all with his anti-corruption campaign, which has so far caught many tigers and flies. His determination on anti-corruption campaign has been specially welcomed by Chinese civilians.  In the end of 2014, Ling Jihua, one of the representatives of the so-called New Gang of Four, was officially placed under investigation. Once again it’s proved that those high-ranking officials, who firmly believed in Atheism, were often involved with spiteful crimes by amassing their personal fortunes at the expense of the country and its citizens. Although they claimed to be Atheists, their true belief was money, social class, and power. They especially enjoyed the pleasure of putting ordinary civilian into miseries. Under this circumstance, the forces of evil that represented by Global Times and military newspapers immediately published this article. Although it seemed they attacked Sun Haiying’s belief, their actual aim was one hundred million Christians.  Their goal was to make the public confused and take the attention diverted.  They attempted to lead Chinese rulers on the road of persecuting Christians, so that the anti-corruption campaign will not last long, and those corrupt officials who have yet been persecuted will dodge the bullets.

      This article reminded me of incident that occurred in May - Xia Baolong, the Communist party secretary for Zhejiang province ordered to tear down the crosses and churches. Is Xia Baolong, the Communist party secretary for Zhejiang province worse than Mao Zedong? During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong torn down almost each and every Christian Church in the nation.  What had happened was more churches were founded.  Before the Chinese Cultural Revolution, there were hundreds of thousands Christians, but now there’re almost over one hundred million Christians in China.  Anyone who has minimum knowledge in history should know that Christians are strong and unbreakable.  The development and progress of the world were all deeply marked by Christian culture. Could atheism change Anno Domini? Never!  Jesus Christ is everywhere and he is capable of doing anything, and he provides a powerful shield for any Christian. We afraid of no one; Xia Baolong, this evil dragon will be punished and the cross will be raised!

        Unfortunately, the overseas Chinese who didn’t believe China is an evil dragon, or who’s committed to spread Chinese culture and peace with Chinese dragon culture, suffered a major blow by the article in Global Times and military newspapers.  Does Chinese dragon represent peace? Is Chinese dragon in fact similar as the evil dragon in Bible? Is China opposing Jesus Christ? Or does China anti Christian?  Does China have the freedom of religion? Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, said, “Achieving Chinese dream means bringing more opportunities, peace and progress to this world, not threat or war, nor degeneracy.” “China is a sleeping lion,” Napoleon said. “Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.” China, this lion is awake; however, this is a peaceful, adorable, and civilized lion.  Of course a lion is much better than a dragon.

        Finally, we use the latest web buzzwords of 2015 to advise writers of Global Times, “Try to act like a civilized human being and be quiet!”  They live in their own world where finding fault in others seems to be the favorite blood sport. All they need to do is act like a civilized human being and be quiet!