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“Global Mashup” is a concert series holds by Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts. It was also known as “Cultural Crossroads” formally. During each concert, 2 cultures will be mashed up on 1 stage with an open dance floor. “Haiti Meets China” featuring Agoci Band from Haiti and FJ Music Fusion from China.

They also blended together with an impromptu jam in the last set. Invited by Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts, the Erhu expert Feifei Yang and Pipa expert Jiaju Shen gave their concert on June 5th at Flushing Town Hall.

The songs they performed during the concert including classical Chinese instrument pieces (Beacon Tower, Ambush by All Sides, Hours Race), contemporary Chinese music (Jasmine Flower and Sing for Young), as well as some rearranged Shanghai jazz songs from the 1930’s (Evening Primrose, Roses, Roses, I Love You, and Shanghai Night).

They also invited conductor Dong Liu, dancer Jia Liu, and Guzheng player Mengyan Yu as guest artists in the concert. In the past few years, Yang Feifei and Shen Jiaju have made continuous efforts to combine traditional Chinese music and diverse contemporary music and arts. FJ Music Fusion was founded by two of the artists to revitalize traditional Chinese music and redefine traditional Chinese instruments.

This duo of Chinese musicians is dedicated to bringing China's traditional music to contemporary audiences through modern interpretations of classical pieces and integration with other musical genres. Their collaborations to date have included works with pop music, rock bands, Jazz, electronic music, vocalists, dance improvisation, and many others. Their stories were filmed by Ividea Cultural Production Company as part of a new documentary series –Fly Across America.

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       Erhu virtuoso Feifei Yang 

  Pipa virtuoso Jiaju Shen 

  Erhu virtuoso Feifei Yang She is also a singer

 Guzheng virtuoso Mengyan Yu

  Composer Dong Liu

  Dancer Jia Liu

   Fusion Erhu and Guzheng

    Fusion Erhu、Guzheng and Pipa