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UN NewMedia PeaceeverTV according yo the NCAFP Email report: The first weeks of the Biden-Harris Administration have marked a turning point in many areas of U.S. foreign policy. One area that has received significant attention, in part due to the recent SolarWinds hack, is cyber security, for which the new Administration has announced an urgent initiative to improve the nation's capability, readiness and resilience, as well as its commitment to defending the nation against cyberattacks.
NCAFP host a distinguished panel that will discuss the policy implications of the SolarWinds attack, and the overall direction of U.S. policy relevant to cybersecurity in the Biden Administration.
 Camino Kavanagh Nonresident Scholar, Cyber Policy Initiative; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
 Erica Borghard Resident Senior Fellow Atlantic Council
Christopher Painter President, Foundation Board, Global Forum on Cyber Expertise; Former State Department Coordinator for Cyber Issues
For nearly fifty years, the National Committee on American Foreign Policy has been committed to hostingcandid conversations, encouragingfrank dialogue, and addressingchallenging policy issues. Through the ongoing pandemic, They  have worked to make our programming as accessible as possible – and continue to featurethorough analysis,timely questions, andexpert panelists. In case you missed them,.