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As you've likely heard, President Biden released his initial budget request last week which reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to re-engage with the United Nations.
While we remain optimistic about the administration's efforts to #GetUSBack on the world stage, we can't get complacent.
There's still more work to do.
The U.S. currently owes more than $1 billion to the United Nations. This funding gap, which has grown drastically over the last few years, has put our nation's credibility at risk.
The good news? The Biden-Harris Administration is calling on Congress to pay our assessed dues to the UN on time and in full and urging elected officials to pay our more than $1 billion in arrears to the UN within the next two years.

TAKE ACTION → It’s essential that we not lose momentum at such a pivotal moment. We must continue to raise our voices to ensure that the U.S. pays its dues so the UN and its agencies can continue to carry out their life-saving work, here in the U.S. and around the world.

Urge Congress to pay what we promised.