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UNNGO PeaceeverTV Edite Reprinted report from UN News: For peace to be sustainable, every member of the community needs to commit to their individual responsibility for ensuring social cohesion. UNMISS recently organized a three-day forum in Juba, bringing together recently elected leaders at the county level across Central Equatoria to sensitize them on the important role they play in ushering in a new era of durable peace and development for all citizens of this South Sudanese state.


  Kami Adjahossou, Civil Affairs Officer, UNMISS:

“This workshop has been organized by [UNMISS] Civil Affairs in Central Equatoria state in support of newly elected chiefs across Juba county. It is an opportunity to provide the learning and understanding of their role in line with the Local Government Act, but also to help them deliver their mandate and support their community.”
 Beda Elia Sube, Chief, Ladu payam, Juba county:

“We are here today, as chiefs, to acquire some knowledge, some training regarding customary law and human rights law.”
 Bennet Alex Mathi, Executive Director, Juba county:

“As they are entering their new jobs, this workshop will give them more powers to go and work with their communities. Today there will be a swearing-in of new chiefs and this swearing-in will give them judicial powers so that they can go and educate civil society according to our traditions.”
The interactive sessions included sensitization on laws protecting survivors of sexual violence as well as juvenile offenders, but most importantly, they highlighted the vital role played by participating traditional leaders in ensuring that the Revitalized Peace Agreement is fully implemented and citizens under their jurisdiction are protected against all harm.