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      2016 Global Peace Index Release in UN CR-6

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  Henk-Jan Brinkman, Chief, Policy, Planning, and Application Branch, Peacebuilding Support Office

     Michelle Breslauer, Director of Americas Program, Institute for Economics and Peace

About the Global Peace Index: 

The Global Peace Index (GPI) is the first-ever analysis to methodically rank countries on their peacefulness and identify potential determinants of peace. Comprised of 23 indicators measuring the absence of violence in society, the GPI takes into consideration both internal and external factors, and measures 99% of the world’s population. The Global Peace Index is produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), guided by an international panel of independent experts and supported by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which collates the data and calculates the rankings in conjunction with IEP.  

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     Michael BonserMinister Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations

      Christine Matthews, Deputy Director, New York Office, UN High Commissioner for Refugees 

     Simone Monasebian, Director, UN Office of Drugs and Crime New York Office 

       Participants ask questions

       Participants ask questions