UN NGO Pathways to Peace Tezikiah Gabriel Executive Director
    Church of Covenant Rev Cornell Edmonds (righ)

UN NGO Pathways to Peace Tezikiah Gabriel Executive Director
I am Tessa kaya Gabriel. I am the Executive Director of the Peace Path. We are the United Nations peace ambassadors with consultative status and the Economic and Social Council and we are very excited to take the event.
On September 14th and that event will be passed down from generation to generation to focus on the years of peace and culture for the next 20 years.
On September 13 this year, the United Nations countries are observing the anniversary of the 20th century peace culture. So after September 14th we will go to the church contract. In this space, we are now participating in a full-day event. Young professional youth and youth really. Let us all move together to build a culture of peace in the next few decades. We hope that you can come. We really want to see you. That is the church where you see your covenant.
My organization is the road to peace. We are the United Nations peacebuilding organization. This means that we care about establishing peace through education around the earth, consulting and training and promoting and supporting other peacebuilders, peacebuilding organizations and those who have a common mission to build a culture of peace for all generations of China. We are very excited about the upcoming road to peace in September. Our founder Avon Mattison opened the first International Day of Peace, so we are building peace on International Day. We are there again.
When the peace leaders decided that the world we need to build every day is a weekday, so we worked with the then United Nations to create a statement of peace culture and its programmatic actions. It is called the Declaration of Peace Culture and the Programme of Action is given daily to the rest of the world. Everyone, every day, we can promise to work together to build a culture of peace this year.
So we are not only very special to unite with people from all around us to celebrate the international world. The Peace Day on September 21 is also so commemorating the 20th anniversary of peace culture. And the program of action, so we are like this. It’s absolutely honour and very exciting to go back to September 14th on September 13 this year. We will bring the intergenerational day that the young elders and everyone will move together.
From our establishment of a place where we are in a culture of peace today and then our future goals will happen here. This building is what we are doing sitting now. This is the covenant of the church in New York City. So we hope that you can accept it from the public. Learn and play with us. When we are laying the road, join us to build a culture of peace for generations. Thank you for generations.
UN NGO Pathways to Peace ) Tezikiah Gabriel Executive Director