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Peaceever TV International Media Group Inc. Council Constitution

Dec 26th, 2013

Chapter 1: General Programmer

Article 1: Name

Chinese: 久安电视国际传媒集团

English: Peaceever TV International Media Group Inc. registered in New York State US in December 2012.

Article 2: Purpose

universal fraternity,maintaining world peace as its purpose, strive to take part in and cooperate with UN Millennium Project,Humanitarian aid,helping women and children etc general affairs on advertising, propaganda, image data and video recording,give publicity and promote inclusiveness and peaceful coexistence,common development and prosperity from different races and cultural background in the world by using organization itself website and public social website platform.

Article 3: Organization Nature

  1. Peaceever TV International Media Group Inc. is non-profit news media organization, independent legal entity, one of registrants is recommended as corporate representative.

Article 4: Goals

In accordance with our purpose, we will:

  1. Hold a variety of public benefit activities, rich cultural life of all races.
  2. Organize and get involved with meaningful social benefit events, promote community harmony and development.
  3. Using internet and mobile internet, widelyadvertisedworld peace and cultural communication events between China and US.
  4. Promote other programs relevant to our purpose, include making films or producing TV recordings as well as publications.

Chapter 2 Council members

  1. Who follows council constitutions, pays certain amount funds, actively participates in activities organized by council, conducts decisions of council can be our members.
  2. Due to the nature of non-profit, we accept volunteers who is interested in public welfare undertaking. Volunteers is our main developing mode. The one who volunteers and works part time for a year can be council member.
  3. The members of the board of directors are divided into: directors of the standing council and directors of the general board of directors. The Standing Council has a limit of seven directors. Each year, if they are willing to sponsor a payment of US$5,000, they will be admitted to the meeting through the joint registrant of the organization; the general board of directors is not subject to quota, and the annual willingness to sponsor the payment of $3,000 can be confirmed as a member of the board of directors.

Article 4 The rights of council members

The members have right for voting and being voted, taking part in the council activities, giving opinions and voting power for proposal, right for getting helps from council. Meanwhile having sponsor priority option for program determined by council.

Chapter 3 Structure

The council is managing organization and consist of our current directors who in charge of daily operation. The council meeting is valid only when having over 50% current directors presenting. The qualifications of the elected President of the board of directors must be a U.S. citizen and the payment of board membership fees shall not be lower than the standard of the number of years paid by the registrant.

The council contains: board chairman and secretary-general for each, deputy board chairman and deputy secretary-general for a couple.

The council sets up as needed: Network Technology Department, The Ministry of public, News Editorial Department, Treasury Department, Planning Department, United Nations Department.

Article 3 Production of management team

  1. Director: Organization registrant is director, who is reelected, recommend by over three board members if the council members are over seven, produced by bearer draft of council legal presence members, and simple majority voting.
  2. The one in charge of other department is recommended by board chairman and valid only when reaching the agreement of the majority of council members. Any position opening need to be filled is dealt by same way.
  3. It valid only when 2/3 members of legal presence reach agreement for any position above need to be recalled.

Article 4 The powers of director and council

  1. The council votes or recommends director, discusses or alters and pass the council constitution, passes or rejects important bills by simple majority voting.
  2. Director term is two years, has the rights to vote and be voted other positions of departments, put forward bills of council and voting.
  3. Director holds council meetings, exercises power representing the organization. Director is legal representative of the council within duration.
  4. Director holds meetings, leads council and carries out all the duties set by Article 4 of Chapter 1.
  5. Secretary-general is two years of term, director, holds meetings, such as connecting with outside world, coordinating with other department, dealing with documents, setup files, keeps important materials and documents etc.
  6. Standing director is two years of term, determines and manages of daily meetings, division of responsibility of relevant department.

Chapter 4. Treasury Department

Article 1 Financial general

All fund income is only used for expenses of council.

The council is setup accounting department, managing independent account with budget and final accounts system. All financials is accordance with American laws and is reported to director and the council regularly. In order for better management, all income must deposit to the bank checking account of the council and paid out in line of our financial rules. Accounting department should make financial managing rules, clear financial regulations, also responsibilities and rights of functional departments.

Article 2 Personnel and responsibilities

The council is setup a finance director who is in charge of financial management of Treasury Department and appointed by the council’s decision. The term of the position is two years, can be reappointed consecutively. The out-going check is issued and kept record by finance director in accordance with invoices and bills operator provided. The check over $200 is signed by director.

Article 3 Source of funding

Main source of funding is from fixed donation yearly of registrant.

Other sources:

  1. The council membership fee:per person per year
  2. Donations from social individuals and enterprises.
  3. Advertisement income.
  4. Photography service fee of sending reporter.

Chapter 5 Others

Article 1 The council has the right of final explanation of constitution ( simple majority voting).

Article 2: The external cooperation mechanism of the institution, the CEO (operation director) of the authorized organization is responsible for decision-making and chooses the mode of cooperation. Since this organization is a non-profit organization, all positions are voluntary and the business card holders or authorizations of the organization are all convenient to use. It does not mean that they have an employment relationship with this organization and have no legal effect. ( Except for board of directors  they pay the annual payment  to our organizaton, or  signing of the contract ).

Article 3 All international students who need to apply for a work visa to this organation, or serve as journalists or host, must agree to this charter to become a member of the board of directors and pay annual membership fees before they can apply.

Article 4 Agreement and signature of the constitution contains legally binding.

Article 5 The constitution has Chinese and English version Posted to main website ( ) of the organzation has the same legal effect.

Article 6 The council, all main position term, the term change of new and old council is subject to one year since registry.

Article 7 The council calls a meeting of members for supplement and alteration of unsettled affairs of constitution.

Peaceever TV International Media Group Inc.

December 26, 2013 by New York






第一章 总 纲

第一條 名称


英文:PeaceeverTV International Media Group Inc. (于 2012 年12月 在美国纽约州注册)

第二條 宗旨


第三條 机构性质


第四條 机构运作目标






第二章 理事会成员

  1. 遵守理事会章程,缴纳一定数额的资金,积极參加理事会组织的活动,执行理事会会议決议的,均可成为本机构的理事会成员.
  2. 由于机构性质为非营利机构,吸纳有志于公益事业的志工、义工为本机构发展的主要模式,愿意为本机构义务服务或兼职工作一年后的,可成为机构理事会会员。
  3. 理事会成员分为:常务理事会理事和一般理事会理事。常务理事会理事限额七名,每年愿意赞助缴纳$5,000美元的,经机构共同注册人同意入会;一般理事会理事不受名额限制,每年愿意赞助缴纳$3,000美元的均可被确认为理事会成员。

第四條 理事会成员权利


第三章 理事会机构




第三条 管理团队的产生




第四条 理事会及理事长职权







7.   秘书长、常务理事在没有新人选情况下,可连任两年。

第四章 捐赠理财部

第一条 财务总则



第二条 人员与职责


第三条 经费来源 主要来源为注册人每年的固定捐赠投入。



第五章 其 它

第一条 本章程的最终解释权在理事会(采取简单多数表决方式)。

第二条:本机构对外合作机制,授权机构 CEO(运营总监)负责决策、选择采用合作的方式。由于本机构是非赢利机构,所有岗位均为义务自愿为基础,持有本机构名片或者授权书者,均为工作方便而使用,不代表与本机构存在雇佣关系,不具法律效力。(除每年向本机构缴纳理事会会费、或签订合约者除外)。


第四条 认同并签署本章程,具一定的法律约束力。

第四条 本章程分中文和英文版本,发布在本机构主网站( ) 具同等法律效力。

第五条 机构理事会以及各主要职位任期,新旧理事会换届,均以注册成立之日两年期为准,没有召开理事成员年会,则上届理事会各职位人员继续担任并运作机构。

第六条: 本章程未尽事项,理事长可随时召集理事会成员商定补充或修订。