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UNNGO PeaceeverTV Edit Reprinted report from UN News: 25 Nov 2021, TRIPOLI, LIBYA The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on Thursday (25 Nov) welcomed the evacuation of 93 asylum seekers to Italy from Libya, where they had been living in precarious situations with an uncertain future. 

This group of evacuees, the first of 500 under a new mechanism for humanitarian admissions, includes children, women at risk, survivors of violence and torture, and people with serious medical conditions. Some were recently released from detention while others had been held in captivity by smuggling or trafficking networks.


Hayat, Eritrean Asylum-Seeker:

“I’m so happy I could fly. Thank God. I’m going to travel. Thank God. I suffered a lot. It’s hard for a woman alone. That’s why I’m happy.”
“They killed my husband. I faced problems. I was evicted several times from places I stayed. Thirst and problems in the desert where they’d beat you and torture. Also, in the (smugglers) warehouse they beat you and torture you.”
“I need to leave. I need a safe place where I can raise my son. I have nothing else but him. Not my father, mother, brother, friend, nothing. I’ve suffered a lot. My child has suffered.”
    Abdsamad, Somali Asylum-Seeker:
“I think about my future and the future of my kids. Hopefully it will be good.”
The asylum seekers left Tripoli on a UNHCR-chartered flight to Rome. In total, five such flights will be organized over one year. After their arrival, the evacuees will be able to apply for refugee status, which will give them access to safety and security.    

Eritrean mother, Hayat, aged 24, arrived in Libya in 2017, after making a dangerous crossing through the desert. Her husband was shot dead by smugglers when the couple were unable to pay a ransom demand for their release.

The flights are organized under a new mechanism, combining emergency evacuations with the humanitarian corridors that have been established in Italy since 2016. In addition to funding from the Government of Italy, the scheme relies on the support of a coalition of faith-based organizations, which includes the Community of Saint Egidio, the Federation of Protestant Churches and the Waldensian Table.  

This month, UNHCR was able to resume evacuations from Libya after more than a year, after the authorities lifted a ban on humanitarian flights. On 4 November, UNHCR evacuated 172 vulnerable asylum-seekers from Libya to Niger, where they receive support while waiting for solutions, as part of the UNHCR-supported Emergency Transit Mechanism.  

Since 2017, UNHCR has evacuated or resettled 6,919 refugees and asylum seekers out of Libya, of which 967 were admitted to Italy.