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"Dai Zhicheng, Zhai Ying presided over the" China intangible cultural heritage performances "

     China intangible cultural heritage performances held United Nations Headquarters in New York from China more than 400 actors perform on stage evening February 1, folk music, dance, comic skits other programs so that viewers from around the world Learn more about the China Intangible cultural heritage, magnificent and beautiful, profound understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

The exhibitions co-organized by Permanent Mission of China and Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation. Chinese Permanent Representative Li Baodong, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Migiro, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Akasaka Kiyotaka attend.

That night, conference hall the General Assembly of the United Nations more 1,400 watched the performance. Party under the auspices famous comedian Dai Zhicheng, hostess Zhai Ying, kicked off "Dance of the Yao, melodious chorus and ensemble the local folk music not only refreshing, but also let the audience feel happy and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere.

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