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          The founder of the contemporary territory painting, the Chinese-American artist Li, Chengju     

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               Exhibition tailoring ceremony

                                       UN organizer officials

To Participate in the Exhibition United Nations officials and guests

 The founder of the contemporary territory painting, the Chinese-American artist Li, Chengju, invited by the United Nations will hold his solo exhibition on OCT 20 to oct 25,2014 in the United Nations Headquarters. Mr. Li, employing the pictorial technique revolving around the theme of human peace and development, showcases the meaningful history of the UN for the past 69 years. The innovative and unique painting style of Mr Li's territory painting has stirred profound interests and attention amount scholars in the field of Art."

The exhibition is sponsored by the UNSRC Portuguese Language Society of the UN Club, the United Artists Association, non-governmental and non-profit organization, New York international culture &art property enterprise llc and World Art Center. Moreover, America Artists Alliance group and Manhattan Artifact Gallery, Chelsea Amsterdam Gallery, Wunderlust Gallery of New Jersey, Asian art foundation, Asian Artists Association, Global Artists Alliance and China's are in support of Mr Li's exhibition.

The inspiration of the territory painting stems from the Earth's six plates just like each country consists of six basic major sections --- belief, politics and economy, culture, education and military;  Everyone is composed of six major sections - religion, growing, work, marriage, nurturing children, supporting the business, and servicing society. The territory painting has two creations: the first is the creation in theme ---enriched creative contents-- describing the six territories only use one work for one person or one country; The second is the creation in drawing skill. Mr Li is the first user of sketch portrait as main part and modern color composition as background. The technique also attaches the related pictures together and adopt installation art to illustratelives and record history.

Mr. Xu Beihong's assistant - Li Chengju's mentor Mr. Dai Ze said: "the style like Daly’s, Daly’s color composition is very nice. I think from the professional point of view, you style is innovative.”Vice president of Sichuan Fine Art Institute, former incumbent president of Academy of Fine Arts, Chengdu famous artist and art critic Mr. Ma Yiping said: "I think your art encourages people, I appreciate it very much.“Asian contemporary artists” the famous painter Zhang Xiaogang said: "your appearance resembles Jesus, your work is" big art "like “blockbuster”.The famous painter Mr. He Duoling said: "you stand on the height of the United Nations to createbig themes and big work. That is very creative fromthe perspective of composition, color and concept that you want to express,very rare!"

As a part of celebration of the UN's 69th anniversary,Mr. Li Chengju took a liberty of drawinga illustrated painting "the UN's Peace road," depicting the splendid histories of the United Nations. This art work shows the eight secretary-generals--from Ryan to Ban Ki-moon--about their historical events and achievements and portrays their contribution and efforts for the peaceful world. This series of works also let the viewers realize how precious we are to live in harmony today.

Mr. Li Chengju's agent representing American Artists Alliance Group includes and New Jersey Wunderlust Gallery, have been expressing their excitement in the cooperation with Mr. Li Chengju.They believe that Chengju lI will open up a new  prospect in future.Meanwhile,Mr. Li Chengju, as the first signed artist, signed up the international cultural and property enterprise. Mr. Li, also the first artist contract on the stock exchange market, held a signing ceremony in the show.

Mr. Li donated the NO.8 of his<Illustrated UN> series---the limited version "Illustrated Ban Ki-moon"---to the sponsor, President Wagner accepted the donation on behalf of the UNSRC Portuguese society and issued a thanks letter to Li Chengju.

Mr. Li Chengju will not only keep his journey of art and endeavors to accumulate the market's recognition, but also he likes to pave a way for the Chinese artists through the United Nations Artists Association(NGO). He has cooperated with the China Central Academy of Fine Arts to organize art competitions across national borders and beyond the states, and eventually to select different styles and unique personalities of art works.

Li Chengju has started to create<Illustrated USA>series of works, depicting  America histories with pictures and words; In addition,Chengju Li will use the rest of his life to create <Illustrated Holy Bible> because he hopes to offer spiritual treasure for humans.