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UN New Media PeaceeverTV  Report: World Information Transfer (WIT) held The topic is "WIT Virtual Voices with WIT Former Interns (alums)"  Webinar on April 14,2021, Conversation with Parth Shingala, Yasmeen Razack, Calum Anderson, and Mariam Elsacker.   These interns shared their experience and feelings of internship at the United Nations

 World Information Transfer (WIT) Virtual Voices, is a series of webinars hosted by the World Information Transfer as part of its constant effort to promote fact-based, science-backed news on health and environment. 

     World Information Transfer (WIT)Dr. Christine K. Durbak Chair & CEO

Moderator: Ariel Granat Ariel Granat is a former Intern and Regional representative of World Information Transfer.

Parth Shingala
Parth is a consultant within Accenture’s global innovation practice. He has four years experience driving strategic innovation and human-centered design for 20+ clients. Prior to consulting, Parth interned at WIT, the Council on Foreign Relations and Asia Society.
Calum Anderson
Calum Anderson is an account manager in the corporate PR team at UN-based communications agency Citypress. He studied linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, and participated in the WIT internship program in 2015.
Mariam Elsacker
Mariam is a graduate student at Rutgers University studying for a masters degree in Political Science and Government. Her current research interests are in foreign policy and public health. She did the internship program from June 2018 to May 2019. 
Yasmeen Raszack
Yasmeen is a master's student at New York University (NYU) Center for Bioethics. She has a bachelor’s in applied psychology and global public health. Her current research interests are in justice in healthcare, disability rights, and reproductive ethics. She interned with WIT in 2018.