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· UN Correspondent Society & Diplomatic Review and UNNGO PeaceeverTV got the news from Dr. Ashok Gupta: Today made a Charters of Suggestions at UN Women. His proposal is below.  Dr. Ashok Gupta Is a doctor of medicine who has won many awards.
         To make acid burn registration compulsory for all health care providers and hospitals so that exact numbers of cases of acid throwing are documented.
·        To enhance punishment to the “Offender” including “Life Imprisonment” in proportion to the permanent/functional loss / facial disfigurement caused by Vitriolage / Acid burn injury.
·        To include the source and the supplier of the acid into the category of the “Offender”. Not only the person throwing acid but also the person making the acid available along with the dealer are partners in crime and should be included as “Offender”.
·        “Acid” should be considered as lethal as an AK 47 and it not be made available in the retail shops / online sale.
Legislation addressing acid attacks should include:
·        Since acid attacks are motivated by several different reasons, legislation should focus on the acts that constitute the crime, rather than the motive
·        Should penalize anyone who commits an acid attack, specifically including family members among those.
·        Should provide that sentencing guidelines reflect the gravity of the offense/damage and should provide for enhanced penalties extendable up to life imprisonment if a victim dies as a result of an acid attack. The perpetrator should be prosecuted under the murder statutes of the penal code.
·        The specific law on the acid attack should provide imprisonment and a fine which is no less severe than what is provided under the murder statutes of the general penal code with the exception of capital punishment.
·        Should make mandatory to report all cases of bodily harm caused by acid to law enforcement agencies.
·        Should provide for restitution or reparations separate from any criminal case and provide mechanisms of collection that the victim may easily use to collect the order for restitution from the perpetrator
·        The court may amend or issue an order for restitution at a later time if the true extent of the survivor’s loss was not known at the time of the hearing on the restitution request or at the time of disposition of the case
·        Allow victims to pursue civil remedies against their attackers.  Monetary damages should include the cost of reconstructive surgery
·        To appoint a Charter / Panel of specialists at different levels/regions of the World.   
I would be happy to participate in the forthcoming United Nations session on the topics related to “Atrocities Against Women” or ABANDONED CHILDREN and share my journey of 40 years dealing with the heinous crime of Acid Attacks on young girls.

Dr. Ashok Gupta

Recipient of “Padma Shri” 2009

Recipient of “Sheikh Hamdan International Award" 2010

M.S., M. Ch., DNB, FRCS, F.N.A.M.S. D.Sc.,

M.Phil.(Hosp & Health Syst. Management) BITS. PILANI,

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