Ms. Nomma Zarubina  Speech  “Sail Of Hope” presented a VITA project at UNHQ 


57th session of the UN  Comission for Social Development. Interregional Public Charitable Organization 
VITA is a global international network for the implementation and continuous enhancement (increase) of voluntary work in the field of social services, which charitable and free, using digital blockchain cryptotechnology for virtual
accounting and distribution on a cashless basis.
Virtue tokens are used as international virtual coins, which provide charitable services for the population (household, social, educational, medical, transportation, legal, cultural and entertainment, etc.), which makes it possible to maintain the
necessary level of social benefits.
The management company (that is a global operator of the VITA network) creates an international system of continental, state, regional centers to support, account for and control the emission of virtokens and their distribution according to the policy of charity. Virtoken are formed (emitted) providing charity services or as a result of charitable donations, the owners of virtoken receive the right to free social services.
Accounting for the issue and distribution of virtokens is produced in digital blockchain cryptotechnologies — emission (mining) of virtokenes at the base of emission centers of the global network of charity services of VITA:
     -in the case of the free individual voluntary social services - volunteers receive virtokens and additional virtokenes is proportionally issued for
     - in the case of free social services provided by companies and organizations,part of the virtoken is received by the benefactors and, proportionally, a part of the virtoken is additionally issued for charitable distribution;
     - in the case of donations of material goods (money, property, rights, etc.), an additional issue of virtokens is carried out in proportion to deposits.
Virtokenens can be personal, in honor of volunteers and benefactors, as a promotion or advertising. Virtokens can be stored, saved, donated, exchanged for social benefits, but they are not converted into cash.
Additional virtokens are distributed among those who are in need of social support - people with disabilities, low-income categories of the population, orphans and people who are in difficult life situations, etc.
The floating rate of virtokens, is established taking into account the realias in different regions and countries, and is focused on the time required to provide specific social support. Legal entities and individuals who accept social virtokens as payment may use them for charity, additional retirement benefits for employees, for reciprocal payments for services, etc.
 57th session of the UN  Comission for Social Development. Interregional Public Charitable
   57th session of the UN  Comission for Social Development. Interregional Public Charitable